Considerable artistic and technological capabilities support natural-looking veneers

Veneers are considered to be among the most “technique-specific” cosmetic procedures performed by today’s dentists. What this means is the results from veneer services depend on the technical skill and artistry of the dentist who designs and places these thin shells of stain-resistant porcelain. Fortunately, you are in luck at Tooth Architect Dental Care in Sandy Springs, Georgia. 

Dr. Shiva Talebi was initially trained to design buildings, not smiles. She blends this extensive and long-standing design prowess with substantial artistic talents as a visual artist and painter. The parallels between architecture and dentistry allow Dr. Talebi to have a unique eye and specific attention to detail for smile design.

Our fresh approach 

As a practitioner of minimalist or conservative dentistry, Dr. Talebi also appreciates that many of the cosmetic imperfections that show up on our teeth can be avoided with proactive care. For instance, during routine hygiene appointments, she may notice signs of excessive wear and tear to the teeth. Dr. Talebi may suspect that you have bruxism or chronically grind your teeth. In this case, she can customize a nightguard or oral appliance designed to be worn while sleeping to protect the teeth from further damage. Often, patients unknowingly grind their teeth while at rest. So, they may not realize this problem exists until a dentist points out the signs of dental trauma. 

For damage that cannot be resolved with non-invasive guidance on hygiene or lifestyle modifications, veneers may be an appropriate way to restore the aesthetics of your smile. In addition to disguising chips, veneers may be applied to the surfaces of the front teeth and their visible neighbors in the “smile zone” to cover up: 

  • Small chips or fractures
  • Very yellow teeth or severe stains
  • Intrinsic discoloration that does not respond well to professional teeth bleaching 
  • Gaps or excess spaces between teeth
  • Other signs of excessive wear, such as worn-down or overly short teeth 

In Dr. Talebi’s capable hands, veneers may also be designed, applied, and secured to reshape an irregularly contoured tooth and to create the appearance of evenly-spaced teeth among those with misalignment that does not require orthodontic intervention.

Start the process today!

The process generally involves removing a minor amount of natural tooth enamel. This preparation is needed to ensure the veneer fits with a natural look on top of the tooth properly. Dr. Talebi then collects information about your teeth, which is used to guide the fabrication of veneers by our talented lab partners.

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