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Dr. Shiva Talebi knows you are one of a kind. You’ll find no other dentist comparable to Dr. Talebi! Her work as an architect injects a fresh and modern perspective into dentistry. As she designed dental practices for private and military offices, Dr. Talebi had a brilliant epiphany: She would exploit her architectural and creative passion to directly care for others in this exacting, fulfilling field of dentistry. 

 Now, she leads Tooth Architect Dental Care of Sandy Springs her way – with a commitment to conservative and holistic dentistry. A preventative approach employing minimalist treatment planning rules the day. She has been sought by many for second opinions because of this philosophy, resulting in earned trust. More on the philosophy of her care is as follows: 

  • Dr. Talebi avoids the jump to cut teeth because she seeks to diagnose and to resolve the source of the issue. She is conservative.
  • Her philosophy is aimed at prevention and holistic diagnosis and care. 
  • Aside from teeth and gums, she considers other factors that can affect or be affected by oral health and oral structures. Her new patient exams are thorough. They include, among other things, checking for signs of oral cancer, getting a baseline blood pressure, especially for those patients she diagnoses with periodontal disease, evaluating the impact of grinding, and looking for airway issues.
  • Dr. Talebi’s TMJ patients have had life-changing improvements from conservative and effective myofascial exercises. Also, she may recommend oral appliances to help get your “bite” back where it needs to be. Botox is an option for relaxing the jaw muscles from excessive clenching of teeth.
  • Dr. Talebi’s mission is to leave dentistry as the last resort for her patient’s oral health care. Think of procedures like enameloplasty, which employs advanced techniques to reduce or reshape a chipped or irregular tooth. 

 Dr. Talebi parlays her creative talents as an artist and painter, refined during her tenure at the Georgia Tech School of Architecture. As a Yellow Jacket graduate, she is a committed citizen of the community who rebuilds, repairs, and perfects teeth. 

 When Dr. Talebi is away from the office, she volunteers her time at the Ben Massell Dental Clinic. She has traveled extensively by backpacking as an intrepid, solo traveler. At last count, she had backpacked through 20-plus countries, including 3-month adventures in Asia and Europe and two months in South America. Dr. Talebi has been known to email tips to patients on the best attractions and restaurants to visit in given cities and countries. Do you have a big trip on the horizon? She welcomes your questions. Just ask! We’re casual around here. Never intimidating. Always warm and welcoming. 

 We see you as a person beyond your teeth and gums, and many of our patients get to know us that way, too – beyond the “hats” we wear at the office. Give Tooth Architect Dental Care in Sandy Springs, Georgia, a call at (404) 666-8066. Or just stop by.

 We look forward to meeting you and any members of your family. We often see three to four generations of family members and would love to get to know you and yours.

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Dr. Shiva Talebi

A dentist and an architect, Dr. Shiva Talebi offers patients a unique combination of skills. After earning a B.S. in Architecture from Georgia Tech, Dr. Talebi began her career designing dental and medical offices. She was immediately drawn to the rewarding aspects of hands-on dentistry and direct patient care.

Dr. Talebi actively volunteers at Ben Massell Dental Clinic, committed to serving the underprivileged, including the homeless and women’s shelters. Read More

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Dr. Shiva Talebi

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