A conservative, proactive, and sophisticated approach to crowns that is a breath of fresh air!

All dentists are equipped to provide certain fundamental dental services, such as fillings and crowns. Dr. Shiva Talebi is highly trusted for second opinions not only by individuals in Sandy Springs and the mountains but also by patients who come from other states seeking her expertise. Dr. Talebi leads Tooth Architect Dental Care with a focus on minimal dentistry. At our dental practice, we prioritize preventative dentistry, striving to make drilling on teeth the last resort in our commitment to your oral health care. Our patients also benefit from an array of advanced onsite capabilities, such as a digital scanner that avoids the unpleasant taste of physical impressions when getting a crown. This method of creating dental crowns is convenient and provides a hassle-free experience at our office.

Basics about crowns 

Each tooth is a sum of its parts. Notably, the crown is the white part of the tooth that is visible when you smile. While a natural crown’s protective covering (enamel) is stronger than skeletal bone, it is not indestructible. In fact, the appearance or structural integrity of the tooth may be compromised due to several conditions, including: 

  • Chips 
  • Cracks 
  • Dental decay, such as cavities 
  • Damage to the innermost pulp tissue
  • Wear and tear caused by behaviors such as chronic teeth grinding (bruxism)

We emphasize protecting the teeth from such damage. For instance, during regular check-ups, Dr. Talebi may recommend prescription toothpaste or provide guidance on tooth-friendly nutrition to improve your dental health. These steps can prevent the need for any type of restorative treatment. If the damage cannot be resolved without a restoration (filling), she recommends the most conservative option that is appropriate to address each patient’s needs. Generally, smaller cavities may be treated with fillings. A tooth with more extensive decay may be preserved with a crown to protect the tooth from further damage. 

The crown is shaped from dental materials such as ceramic or precious metals. It is applied and cemented to the “prepared” natural tooth. To prepare the tooth to “accept” the crown, Dr. Talebi removes damaged tissue. She also cleans the treatment site and reshapes the tooth. 

A “not-so-basic” approach

To create the perfect crown that complements your smile, we utilize digital technology using our PRIME scanner to capture precise images of your tooth. We then collaborate with our lab partners to produce a seamless fit. 

Additionally, Dr. Talebi leverages her previous training as an architect and talent as a visual artist and painter to ensure crowns and other restorations are indistinguishable in form and function from natural and healthy teeth. Call (404) 666-8066 to schedule an appointment, or just drop by our office in Sandy Springs, Georgia.