General dentistry that transcends ordinary: Our fresh perspective as an artistic dental architect

Dr. Shiva Talebi is experienced in structure and artistry. As a professional architect, Dr. Talebi’s professional life after Georgia Tech started by designing, of all things, dental practices. As a talented visual artist and painter, Dr. Talebi features some of her work on this website, along with her dental work. Who is better to rebuild tooth structure in the most durable and attractive way possible than an artist refined in architecture school?

“Distinguished General Dentistry Beyond the Ordinary!” 

Led by Dr. Talebi, Tooth Architect Dental Care brings a fresh approach to dentistry. Dr. Talebi focuses on preventative dentistry and practices minimalist dentistry. Her mission is to avoid invasive procedures when an effective, less-intrusive solution is available. In protecting, diagnosing, treating, and maintaining oral health, our team accounts for the whole self beyond the teeth and gums. So, our approach includes the following: 

  • Getting to the source of the problem first. 
  • By regularly monitoring and addressing minor issues, our patients benefit from a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Through the collaborative efforts of our skilled hygienist and dental team, routine cleanings and check-ups are instrumental in preventing minor concerns from escalating into more significant dental issues.”
  • During every visit, Dr. Talebi will see you whether you need an exam or not. We strive to support one-on-one relationships and personal attention. We also look beyond the teeth and gum tissue and assess and monitor things such as blood pressure and airway issues. Your mouth, after all, is part of an ecosystem rather than an island. It can affect and be affected by the rest of you.
  • On the flip side, if more is needed on the restorative dentistry front, we have the expertise to offer treatments like bridges and periodontal (gum disease) therapies.
  • Experience relief from TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) issues with Dr. Talebi’s specialized approach. She has a keen focus on conservative treatments for jaw joint disorders. Through myofacial at-home exercises and the use of oral devices, she has transformed the management of these conditions, promoting a healthy bite and jaw function. 
  • Sometimes, clear aligners are appropriate to fix crowding and bite issues, and they are a fast and comfortable alternative to the “metal mouth” braces of the past. 
  • At our practice, we’re delighted to offer you a teeth-whitening experience that is both swift and comfortable. Our advanced in-office teeth whitening treatment not only delivers rapid results but is also designed to minimize post-treatment sensitivity. You can achieve a brighter, more radiant smile in no time without the worry of discomfort. Get ready to confidently show off your pearly whites with our hassle-free and efficient teeth whitening services!”

Many people from north Atlanta and beyond reach out to us for second opinions because they trust us. The same goes for families, as we serve three or four generations. Call us at (404) 666-8066. Or just drop by the Tooth Architect Dental Care office! Swap travel stories. A brave solo backpacker, Dr. Talebi has explored 20-plus countries and is always enthusiastic about sharing her must-see and must-eat-at locations in cities around the globe!