How digital x-rays support a comfortable experience and, effective treatment planning

At Tooth Architect Dental Care, our team appreciates that “ we cannot treat what we do not know”. In turn, Dr. Shiva Talebi Implemented  technologies that can detect what cannot be seen with the human eye or by touch alone. 

Additionally, all of these diagnostic technologies must complement our fundamental principles and the many other services available at our office in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Notably, our practice is built on a foundation of trusted, high-quality, conservative, and proactive care. 

Digital dental x-rays: A perfect complement 

Traditionally, x-ray imaging or radiography involved using films and bitewings to capture images of the tissues and structures inside the mouth. At our office, we do things differently. We use the latest digital x-rays to non-invasively and quickly gather images of oral structures and tissues. This process can be completed without using film, which is wasteful. Instead, we use specialized sensors and plates to render very clear images. 

With modern technological advancements, dentists like Dr. Talebi can also view the images from various angles. Panoramic x-rays give us an expansive view of the teeth and supportive structures in the mouth and jaws. Such varied perspectives and clear images — even of small or “hidden” areas — support our ability to make an accurate diagnosis. It is critical for us to understand what is occurring inside your mouth because only then can we develop a treatment plan that effectively resolves the underlying cause of symptoms like persistent toothaches.

Digital diagnostic technologies also support an ideal patient experience. They are associated with up to 80 to 90% less radiation exposure than conventional film-based processes. Images may also be rendered without biting down on gag-inducing bitewings. Capturing information about your mouth may be as simple as holding up a handheld, wand-like device and directing it toward your teeth and tissues. This tiny camera then takes pictures of the inside of your mouth without touching anything! 

We could go on and on about what features, amenities, and approaches make our practice different from others in Sandy Springs, GA, and beyond. But we encourage you to check out Tooth Architect Dental Care and experience these differences for yourself. Call (404) 666-8066 to reach our team or stop by our office!