Conservative treatment to restore stains, chipped teeth and gaps with dental bonding

Prior to leading Tooth Architect Dental Care, Dr. Shiva Talebi, worked as a professional architect. So, she transitioned from designing dental offices to designing beautiful smiles! In addition, Dr. Talebi is a talented and accomplished painter and visual artist. You can see some of her work on this website. Our patients can benefit from Dr.Talebi’s attention to detail and artistic eyes enabling her to enhance smiles through subtle adjustments to revitalize teeth for a beautiful smile. 

Bonding to bring out your smile’s natural beauty

One of the fastest, most economical, and hassle-free ways to dramatically boost the appearance of your smile is with dental bonding. This procedure involves Dr. Talebi preparing a material, such as composite resin, to blend in with and replace tooth enamel. In most cases, this procedure does not involve removing any natural tooth structure. 

While our tooth enamel is stronger than any other part of our bodies (even skeletal bone), it is not indestructible. With time, this protective outer covering can wear away. We may have untreated conditions, habits, or behaviors like teeth grinding and biting nails that erode this natural structure. In turn, our formerly attractive teeth may begin to lose some of their “luster”; chips, small cracks, jagged edges, gaps, and other spacing issues, and additional cosmetic concerns may present themselves. 

Fortunately, Dr. Talebi can take the prepared composite material and expertly reshape the damaged surfaces back to their natural looka. In doing so, she covers up the above imperfections as well as:

  • Stubborn stains and discoloration 
  • Oddly-shaped teeth 
  • Worn-down or overly short teeth 

This tooth-colored, tooth-like material may be applied in just one visit. Bonding is also a great fit with other services at our office because it is conservative. No healthy tooth structure is removed to accommodate the application of the resin to the teeth. Since no enamel is removed during the process, bonding is tolerated well without discomfort or sensitivity. Numbing anesthetic is not needed for comfort, either. Because no enamel is removed, the process can be reversible in many cases. 

Dr. Talebi sculpts biocompatible material to a tooth that has been slightly buffed, etched, and conditioned. Such conditioning helps to ensure the strongest bond. Once the bonding is shaped to restore the tooth structure, the composite is light cured and fixed securely to the tooth.

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