Proactive gum care fights disease, supports the sustained health and beauty of your smile

The gums and supportive bone provide structure to the teeth and face. This pink gingival tissue also “frames” the teeth. So, it also plays an important role in your smile’s overall appearance. 

At Tooth Architect Dental Care, Dr. Shiva Talebi partners with patients from Sandy Springs, Georgia, to keep these essential tissues healthy. Gums that are free of disease and damage look pinkish-red, do not feel tender or bleed when you touch or brush and floss them, and retain their firmness. 

Gum disease can be prevented with proper oral hygiene and regular professional care. Treatment is not necessary when we keep our gums healthy. 

A proactive approach 

Dentistry at our office is prevention-focused. Why react and treat when you can prevent and maintain oral health, function, and an attractive smile? 

Gum disease is progressive and most of the time causes irreversible damage to bone and gums. In its earliest stage, gingivitis is characterized by inflammation. Early on, symptoms may not be present at all, or they may be subtle and easy for patients to ignore. 

Leftover food particles and harmful bacteria in your mouth can cause damaging plaque to form. This bacterial film erodes the teeth and triggers a destructive process; toxins are released that break down the gums and, eventually, the supportive bony tissue. At this more advanced stage, periodontitis, individuals may notice red, dusky-colored gums, swelling, blood on their toothbrush and floss, and that their gums are pulling away from the teeth – a process called “gum recession.”

During regular check-ups, Dr. Talebi and our hygienists measure the spaces or periodontal pockets between the teeth and gums. These pocket measurements help to detect the presence and severity of gum disease. Diagnostics are used to develop a treatment plan that effectively halts the progression of the disease and prevents bone loss and ultimately tooth loss.  

Additionally, our hygienists remove stubborn plaque build-up. This “tartar” cannot be removed with standard OTC toothbrushes. Skilled and well-trained hands along with specialized instruments are required for this procedure. A “deep cleaning” alternative to this routine professional teeth cleaning may be recommended if active disease is present. Scaling and root planing remove tartar and other destructive substances from below the gum line. It also involves smoothing the rough root surfaces that tend to attract plaque. In doing so, we help to manage bacterial overgrowth and encourage the healthy reattachment of the gums. 

As needed, we advise on additional office procedures to promote healing and restore the soft and hard tissues, as well as guidance on everything from antibacterial rinses to nutrition to further support periodontal health. When treated early into the disease process, damage to the gums can be reversed! Tooth Architect Dental Care welcomes your call to (404) 666-8066 or just drop by our office in Sandy Springs, GA.